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y#11: developments

i havent felt like this since 5th grade(well kinda).
he is cute, he's well cute, and for the first time in such a looong time, im not actually forcing myself to say that.

and i can't really make this stupid grin disappear from my face.

[πωπω, μόλις το ξαναδιάβασα το post και μου φάνηκε σαν να ήμουν 15 όταν το έγραφα. γαμαααάτε αναγνώστη, συγχώρεσε μου το νεανικό στοιχείο. υπόσχομαι απο αύριο να επιστρέψω στο πρέπον ακαδημαϊκό στυλ μου. lol]

2 Responses to “y#11: developments”

  1. # Blogger Lithium

    "Love is in the air...love is everywhere"!!!!!

    simpasxon k si e?

    i'm glad William...welcome to the club

    filia polla

  2. # Blogger Lithium

    poli wreos o tropos pou to egrapses...min kollas

    opws sou vgenei re paidi mou...kai to 15xrono mesa sou einai kalo na vgenei pros ta eksw....entaksi katalavame pws eisai intellectual pleon :p  

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