male and female thoughts dedicated to a happier year

y#17: y-se up

in one of my many breaks today, i searched for this scene. no idea why, it just happened.
this is prolly the zillionth time ive watched it, yet each time it manages to mesmerise me.

ps.1. last year, i had the luxury of taking a film module. as a proper film buff, it was the one i enjoyed the most. as our second assignment we had to write four shorts for four scenes. this is what i wrote for the scene above.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson, in his movie ‘Magnolia’, dives in the lives of nine different central characters and their respective actions within the frame of the same day. Despite the fact that all characters are not aware of the existence of most of the other characters, Anderson unites them in one scene, where they all start singing Aimee Mann’s song ‘Wise up’; the paradox in this scene is that all characters are in different places. Indeed, the director shoots nine continuous successive shots, each one with a character in his very personal environment, praying, realising, remembering, whispering or quietly whimpering, but always singing the lines of the same song.
The actual intangible affinity the characters share constitutes the necessitative factor for this scene; in Anderson’s logically and spatially transgressing portrayal, all characters are interlinked through their emotions. The vastness, intensity and commonness of their affliction and guilt is such, that in this effective scene, they all participate in this depressing sing-along midway. The absurdity of the incident is irrelevant; the unification albeit just for the duration of the song, does happen. In this sense, the context of their expression, that is, the lyrics of the song signify yet another element. The characters’ lives may be failed, corrupted or even ending, but they comprise an irrefutable qualification of redemption. Indeed, if a realisation of their flawed existence occurs (and this is the scene’s main contribution to the film), then salvation is possible. As the song goes, the pain “is not going to stop, until… (they) wise up”.

x#26: χ(ε)ρ(ι)ό(κ)ν(ό)ο(ν)ς(α).

ok, i totally admit that posting videos can be a bit (or a lot..) boring but i think ive already warned u bout this. btw, 3 essays already done, 1 to go, due on tuesday and how typical of me, im about to start researching for it now. it is rather complicated to try and explain the current condition in which i am. all this academic pressure that i knew was coming, but chose to postpone thinking or doing something about, is exhausting. i dont think ive slept more than 20 hrs overall in the last 6 days + i managed to hand in an essay late for the first time in my life. n need to tell u how mingin the feeling was after this and how really horribly i felt. So from that perspective the pressure that im experiencing is not just academic, but primarily questioning my character's strenghts.

i have a vague impression that i overestimated my capabilities once more. mostly in physical terms but also (as hard as it is to admit) in terms of work efficiency. Course the two are intertwined bt it sucks big time to realise that the self u thought to be cannot be super-productive all the time.

Bt enought with this bs; it is a very shallow interpretation of what im going through right now, after all.


so here comes the core and reason for this post:

as u might have noticed from the party video i posted like a long time ago, i just love instant cuts in video editing. its just sheer pleasure for me to be exposed to really fast sequences of scenes, sometimes not fast enought to fully grasp what u r watching. id be a frigging liar if i said i dunno why this preference persists (yet this will be explained on another post).

get this new arctic monkeys video par exemple. cool. done without guilt. using this technique.

i had another video in my mind to show u but since it came out yesterday, i cudnt really find a link on youtube. its...(note to all the fuckable readers of this blog: pls do not get disillusioned by whats coming next)... the new harry potter trailer. y new, i mean the proper one and not the teaser that has been out for a few months now. u can check it on yahoo/movies/harry potter trailer. personal suggestion is to watch on hd in the highest analysis. i think i came a bit when i first watched it (i didnt really). but dont mind this comment, just wanted to share it with u.xxx

ps.1. 'tis indeed true that this post constitutes an epitome of randomness. fear not, new depths of this can be easilly found.
ps.2. im starving so prolly will go out to get a pizza or something.
ps.3. effectively that means that i have to stop writing. do it. do it. ok, done.

x#25: χα! (ή και αχ!...)

I accidentally bumbed into this article, while doing some research for one of my essays (dont asky how...). didnt read the whole thing, just the title and two-three lines after that.


ps.1. what a collision it is, when an indigo generation (thanx btw) reads something produced by an obsolete generation...
ps.2. still trying to classify it. mere fun, or pain? χα! or αχ!?

x#24: χωρίς προφυλακτικό

a short film, a (beloved) writer and a video clip.
all uncensored lives, in the very reflexive sense of the term.

coming out and going on. goodnight lads and birds. ill talk to u 2moro.

Uploaded by ahrrrrrr

x#23: χαρισμένα, σκονισμένα φιλιά

it took u years to go back to giancaldo.
yet, u r finally there, sitting and watching, hours before the cinema's demolition.


kiss and cut and kiss and cut and kiss and cut and kiss and before the "fine", that violin solo that makes u shed that last, merciful tear.

ahh, the rejected freedom of puberty (sigh).

u have finally unpacked it, yet u never got the chance to taste it.

what can I say?
well done filarako. or better, nevermind.
ps.1.dedicated to all those ppl that were never allowed to see what they wanted to see, to feel the way they desired and most importantly to live long enough to enjoy what we now enjoy.

x#22: χαρούμενα παιδιά, vol.2

found these three videos on youtube the other night, and just wanted to share.
or rather i just wanted to help micheal to share his coming out story with u.
Ladies and jentlemen, i give u michael (and what a generous guy I am)...



ps.1. im so proud of my generation(You/Michael/me: the ppl of 2007). not surprisingly, im so proud of my generation mostly when im here.
And yes, im so proud the "time" got it right this year. tho i hate generalisations (+the fact that it was prolly done due to needs for increase of circulation), for the first time i felt that my perspective coincided with the editor's.

major spoiler for the future of this blog (at least until May 1st)

weel, seeing that the essays are not as doable as i previously thought, i decided to actually dedicate time in doing them. sadly, this means that i cannot keep u (yes u, beloved reader) company in the way that we would both want. so, here it comes: if and whenever i decide to write sth (which is prolly gonna be in between breaks or during small temporal pockets of harmless procrastination) it will be utterly boring!
pls dont mind...the good days we were 'aving will come back and the unbreakable bond that we have created will be revindicated again soon-ish...
the last essay is to be handed in by the first of may. after that date, spring will be entitled to fill me up and destroy me without any guilt (oh god!if amy decides to read these lines, she wont stop laughing until -after- the london olympics). after that date, i shall once more be the intellectually attractive monster that u learnt to trust till its last drop.

MAJOR LOL on my part.
ante xxx

ps.1. e, kane mou kai pareoula,e?
ps.2. but seriously now...how hard is it to assess the whole history of european integration, the interactions between institutions and states, the intra-institutional interactions and the fierce theoretical debate (liberal)intergovernmentalists and neofuntionalists in less than 3 days? tea and chocolate is all i have to survive. that being said, my belief still lies on the words of bruce springsteen..."we shall overcome". aft-ah all, isnt that what we always do?
ps.3. if u r still wondering why the blog's language has suddenly swapped in english, the person whos now writing these words honestly admits that he doesn't have an answer. it just happened. tho, it might well be due to the fact that for the last week, the same person even dreams in english...as jay (ti na kanei parepi auti i psuxi?) could have said: wicked! or is it scary, now?

y#17: random lyrics- aka HRH Björk

We are the earth intruders
We are the earth intruders
Muddy with twigs and branches

ps.1.whats the thing with timbaland? does he have the mida's touch or what? reliable sources have informed me that he is currently in london recording with madonna and his puppy (the "JT"). awww, bless them.

χ#22: χάρισμα. να, κάτι που έχει ο rufus

Copying from The Guardian.Weekend.14/04/07

"[Rufus] has been in a relationship for two years - the first proper one in his life. His Boyfriend, Jorn (excuse the absense of umlaut on the 'o'), is a German theatre producer. Is it a monogamous relationship? "It is at the moment, yeah. He's like six foot seven and everything is proportionate!" He laughs, louchely."

ps.1.the town is berlin.got it?
ps.2. note to self. pls put an end to this harrowing session of procrastination.
ps.3. ok, done.

im not so GLAAD with the result

yet i shouldnt be complaining right now.
every minute (of my precious life until this wednesday,that is the day after 2moro, oh my god i need to get back to my articles...) should be dedicated to writing on the topic of our lives "does the US war on terror reflect a clash of civilizations? Discuss".

ps.1. can it happen that the two-three months in between now and the summer don't actually happen? tsouk. tou rou rurou rou rou rou rou rou ou ou.

έχω να πω το εξής.
μόλις γύρισα (δλδ χτες γύρισα αλλά δεν έχει και σημασία) και ακόμα νιώθω μισός εδώ και μισός εκεί. δεν είναι ότι το εκεί είναι πιο ωραίο. τουναντίον. απλά είναι πιο εύκολο.
και μερικές φορές ρε γμτ δεν σου κάνει καρδιά να χάσεις τη βόλεψη.

ον αδερ ισιουσ
-έχω μία πλειάδα εκθέσεων να κάνω, τις οποίες πρέπει να πω ΄(επειδή δεν με ξέρεις) ότι δεν έχω αρχίσει καν. η πρώτη ας πούμε είναι για την τετάρτη-όλοι οι φίλοι μου την έχουν τελειώσει γτ ακολουθεί μία μετά από 2 μέρες- και άρχισα να κάνω διάβασμα σήμερα. u like?

-τώρα το πάσχα γνώρισα ένα ωραίο παιδάκι. τον πάυλο. συνδύασε αυτό με το γεγονός της γλώσσας και θα καταλάβεις πιο εύκολα το αρχικό κονφορμιστικό comment .

-φιλιά,μου έλειψες

ps.1. συκιά, πρέπει να σε ενημερώσω ότι με τον πάυλο ίποτα δεν έγινε. πάντως εγώ χάρηκα.
ps.2. ρε, θα έγραφα μεγαλύτερο αλλά κάνω break στο διάβασμα για τον huntington και το clash of civilization thesis. και όπως καταλαβαίνεις, δεν κρατιέμαι να πάω πίσω σ'αυτό.
ps.3. συγχαρητήρια στη χριστίνα. την καλύτερη speaker στο mun της θεσσαλονίκης!

y#16: καλή ανάσταση,η

γαμααάτε αναγνώστη, χαρούμενη ανάσταση (ό,τι και αν σημαίνει αυτό για σένα).
χαίρομαι που σε έχω κι εσύ να χαίρεσαι που με έχεις. έστω κι αν δεν καταλαβαίνεις τίποτα από αυτά που γράφω.

ps. χρόνια πολλά στη βικτώρια και τον τάσο. ξέρουν αυτοί.