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χ#22: χάρισμα. να, κάτι που έχει ο rufus

Copying from The Guardian.Weekend.14/04/07

"[Rufus] has been in a relationship for two years - the first proper one in his life. His Boyfriend, Jorn (excuse the absense of umlaut on the 'o'), is a German theatre producer. Is it a monogamous relationship? "It is at the moment, yeah. He's like six foot seven and everything is proportionate!" He laughs, louchely."

ps.1.the town is berlin.got it?
ps.2. note to self. pls put an end to this harrowing session of procrastination.
ps.3. ok, done.

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  1. # Blogger suddenlylastsummer

    είδα φως και μπήκα (η αλήθεια είναι οτι εμπιστεύτηκα το σίγουρο ref του boy) έξυπνο αγόρι της αλλοδαπής.
    καλησπέρα σας και καληνύχτα σας.  

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