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x#23: χαρισμένα, σκονισμένα φιλιά

it took u years to go back to giancaldo.
yet, u r finally there, sitting and watching, hours before the cinema's demolition.


kiss and cut and kiss and cut and kiss and cut and kiss and before the "fine", that violin solo that makes u shed that last, merciful tear.

ahh, the rejected freedom of puberty (sigh).

u have finally unpacked it, yet u never got the chance to taste it.

what can I say?
well done filarako. or better, nevermind.
ps.1.dedicated to all those ppl that were never allowed to see what they wanted to see, to feel the way they desired and most importantly to live long enough to enjoy what we now enjoy.

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  1. # Blogger Neverlandean

    OMG, τι μου έκανες κακούργε william βραδιάτικα!  

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