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x#26: χ(ε)ρ(ι)ό(κ)ν(ό)ο(ν)ς(α).

ok, i totally admit that posting videos can be a bit (or a lot..) boring but i think ive already warned u bout this. btw, 3 essays already done, 1 to go, due on tuesday and how typical of me, im about to start researching for it now. it is rather complicated to try and explain the current condition in which i am. all this academic pressure that i knew was coming, but chose to postpone thinking or doing something about, is exhausting. i dont think ive slept more than 20 hrs overall in the last 6 days + i managed to hand in an essay late for the first time in my life. n need to tell u how mingin the feeling was after this and how really horribly i felt. So from that perspective the pressure that im experiencing is not just academic, but primarily questioning my character's strenghts.

i have a vague impression that i overestimated my capabilities once more. mostly in physical terms but also (as hard as it is to admit) in terms of work efficiency. Course the two are intertwined bt it sucks big time to realise that the self u thought to be cannot be super-productive all the time.

Bt enought with this bs; it is a very shallow interpretation of what im going through right now, after all.


so here comes the core and reason for this post:

as u might have noticed from the party video i posted like a long time ago, i just love instant cuts in video editing. its just sheer pleasure for me to be exposed to really fast sequences of scenes, sometimes not fast enought to fully grasp what u r watching. id be a frigging liar if i said i dunno why this preference persists (yet this will be explained on another post).

get this new arctic monkeys video par exemple. cool. done without guilt. using this technique.

i had another video in my mind to show u but since it came out yesterday, i cudnt really find a link on youtube. its...(note to all the fuckable readers of this blog: pls do not get disillusioned by whats coming next)... the new harry potter trailer. y new, i mean the proper one and not the teaser that has been out for a few months now. u can check it on yahoo/movies/harry potter trailer. personal suggestion is to watch on hd in the highest analysis. i think i came a bit when i first watched it (i didnt really). but dont mind this comment, just wanted to share it with u.xxx

ps.1. 'tis indeed true that this post constitutes an epitome of randomness. fear not, new depths of this can be easilly found.
ps.2. im starving so prolly will go out to get a pizza or something.
ps.3. effectively that means that i have to stop writing. do it. do it. ok, done.

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