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y#17: y-se up

in one of my many breaks today, i searched for this scene. no idea why, it just happened.
this is prolly the zillionth time ive watched it, yet each time it manages to mesmerise me.

ps.1. last year, i had the luxury of taking a film module. as a proper film buff, it was the one i enjoyed the most. as our second assignment we had to write four shorts for four scenes. this is what i wrote for the scene above.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson, in his movie ‘Magnolia’, dives in the lives of nine different central characters and their respective actions within the frame of the same day. Despite the fact that all characters are not aware of the existence of most of the other characters, Anderson unites them in one scene, where they all start singing Aimee Mann’s song ‘Wise up’; the paradox in this scene is that all characters are in different places. Indeed, the director shoots nine continuous successive shots, each one with a character in his very personal environment, praying, realising, remembering, whispering or quietly whimpering, but always singing the lines of the same song.
The actual intangible affinity the characters share constitutes the necessitative factor for this scene; in Anderson’s logically and spatially transgressing portrayal, all characters are interlinked through their emotions. The vastness, intensity and commonness of their affliction and guilt is such, that in this effective scene, they all participate in this depressing sing-along midway. The absurdity of the incident is irrelevant; the unification albeit just for the duration of the song, does happen. In this sense, the context of their expression, that is, the lyrics of the song signify yet another element. The characters’ lives may be failed, corrupted or even ending, but they comprise an irrefutable qualification of redemption. Indeed, if a realisation of their flawed existence occurs (and this is the scene’s main contribution to the film), then salvation is possible. As the song goes, the pain “is not going to stop, until… (they) wise up”.

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