male and female thoughts dedicated to a happier year

major spoiler for the future of this blog (at least until May 1st)

weel, seeing that the essays are not as doable as i previously thought, i decided to actually dedicate time in doing them. sadly, this means that i cannot keep u (yes u, beloved reader) company in the way that we would both want. so, here it comes: if and whenever i decide to write sth (which is prolly gonna be in between breaks or during small temporal pockets of harmless procrastination) it will be utterly boring!
pls dont mind...the good days we were 'aving will come back and the unbreakable bond that we have created will be revindicated again soon-ish...
the last essay is to be handed in by the first of may. after that date, spring will be entitled to fill me up and destroy me without any guilt (oh god!if amy decides to read these lines, she wont stop laughing until -after- the london olympics). after that date, i shall once more be the intellectually attractive monster that u learnt to trust till its last drop.

MAJOR LOL on my part.
ante xxx

ps.1. e, kane mou kai pareoula,e?
ps.2. but seriously now...how hard is it to assess the whole history of european integration, the interactions between institutions and states, the intra-institutional interactions and the fierce theoretical debate (liberal)intergovernmentalists and neofuntionalists in less than 3 days? tea and chocolate is all i have to survive. that being said, my belief still lies on the words of bruce springsteen..."we shall overcome". aft-ah all, isnt that what we always do?
ps.3. if u r still wondering why the blog's language has suddenly swapped in english, the person whos now writing these words honestly admits that he doesn't have an answer. it just happened. tho, it might well be due to the fact that for the last week, the same person even dreams in english...as jay (ti na kanei parepi auti i psuxi?) could have said: wicked! or is it scary, now?

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